Saturday, June 30, 2007

That baby is missing her foot

This topic deserves a lot more than I can write tonight.

In the hospital nurses and even pain management doctors asked me what happened to Madeleine. Other parents that we shared rooms with asked me, "my heart breaks for her" they said. Most think that she had amniotic banding, a condition I don't know enough about to explain.

When leaving the hospital I noticed people staring. Or, at least I thought they were staring. We have entered into a new realm. Before people knew there was something not quite right with Madeleine's left leg. Now they know there is something missing.


Winbrooke said...

sending her a big hug.

jenna said...

The stares will stop, and you will start to notice all the smiles, strangers noticing how amazing and beautiful your child is, its a great feeling, stay strong hang in there, and hug those babies for me.

ann said...

Dear Niki,
Martha has kept us updated on Madeleine's surgery. I am so impressed with your courage and positive outlook in spite of the difficulty of seeing your child in pain. All Mothers feel so helpless when their children suffer and want to take the pain on themsleves. In my experience anyway.

Things will only improve from now on I am sure. Know that we are praying for your family and espcially for little Madeleine that her discomfort be less soon.

Say hi to your Mom for us. How wonderful she can be there for you !



KatieE said...

She has such a great personality to deal with people staring. She'll just give them her big ole smile and teach them that she's perfect.