Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm quite aware that I blog about the kids and my experiences with fibular hemimelia and infertility way more than I blog about my husband or the father of my kids.
Why? I have no idea. We are a close family and Michael is as active of a parent as any dad, probably more so. He does all the 'right' things. Plays with them. Puts them to bed. Cooks for them.

In fact, our schedule is such that he is the 'stay at home dad' from 5 pm until 7 pm or so and all day on Sundays while I work.

He means the world to the Ms and to me.

There are very valuable lessons that he is teaching the kids. I will never under estimate the power of Daddy.

Yesterday Madeleine said, "Mommy, I love Daddy. He is a good guy."

Sunday, April 5, 2009


You know it is a new generation when your two year olds are doing Yoga! I remember doing Suzanne Somers with my mom and maybe a jazzercise class or two. We won't even mention that my grandma had one of the butt shakers and we thought is was hilarious as kids!

Max and Madeleine do yoga at school and have joined me in the family room for a pose or two. Here is Maxy doing the tree pose, his favorite. Sorry none of Madeleine right now but they will come soon.

Snow Angels

Max and Madeleine are a little obsessed with snow angels. They are always asking to try and I have discouraged it until this day in that their pants will get very wet and snowy, and we don't have snow pants (until this year I wouldn't have thought we needed them in Seattle).
On this particular day we were coming in from being out so I gave the okay. Very beautiful snow angels, I must say.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Haircut for Max

My son has always had sparse hair. Michael is the same. It isn't as if Michael is balding, on the contrary he has a complete and full head of hair but the hair he has is very fine. Maxy is similar. While Madeleine was born with a complete head of hair Max merely had a sprout of fuzz.
He never really grew hair fully for a long time. I'm also one that is partial to the 'long hair on boys' look so I was in no hurry to cut his locks. Recently, though, it had gotten too long and scraggly so we took him to the hair dressers or paid the big bucks for him to sit in a car chair and have someone give him a trim. Here is the result...