Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 2- Post Surgery

I only have a minute. This is hard. She is in an awful lot of pain and we are keeping her pretty medicated. We are trying to get the epidural out this morning and transition her to oral pain meds. It is so sad to see her writhe in pain and get irritated. she is having muscle spasms and she jerks involuntarily and then feels more pain. She is sleeping a lot which is good. It breaks my heart to see her like this. The hospital staff feels like she is doing as can be expected or better but she isn't their baby.

She had a pretty difficult night last night. Her IV infiltrated her ankle and caused huge swelling. She had quite a bit of pain from it. At 2 am they moved it to her wrist and that seems to be helping. She is not interested in food right now and would prefer to sleep. I'm much better with the sleeping thing than having her in pain.

She also had a really high heart rate last night and this morning indicating pain and dehydration. They have given her more fluids through her IV and that is helping a bit. She is also on the pain meds and ativan to ease the muscle spasms.

Please keep prayers going for a speedy recovery. I cannot wait until this is over.


christie said...

thanks for the update. You are in all in my thoughts through the recovery period. Give her a kiss for me and Max when he comes in.

jenna said...

Hang in there! This was too the hardest part by far for us, the muscle spasms, keep up on the atavan even after you are home, hang in there, another day or so and she will be out of pain, im praying for you all

Winbrooke said...

awww. sweet lovebug baby girl. I'm sorry you have to see her in pain, and that she is in pain. :( I hope she sleeps and sleeps today. sending prayers and hugs.

Martha said...

Niki, We are praying for you and sweet Madeleine. I wish I could be there with you now. Hang in there. Love you guys.

Dorota said...

Just wanted to say that I've thinking about you and praying for you and sweet Medeleine and your family. I am so sorry that she is in pain and I pray that the pain lessens soon and that your wonderful Madeleine is on her way to conquering the world with her smiles and her grace once again.