Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sleep? Is it finally coming???

Max slept from 8:00 pm until 3:40 am last night! I was so proud of him. I told him so :)

He had a harder time settling down again for sleep but after a quick nursing he was out again.

Madeleine, on the other hand, is having horrible nights. Perhaps it is because she still only has two teeth and the others are threatening to come in! Perhaps it is her slight cold that keeps her up. Maybe she feels my apprehension and that is the reason.

Whatever it is for these two to sleep or not to sleep is okay. I think that developmentally kids learn to sleep on their own. I won't "Cry It Out" and I am not planning on "sleep training". They are doing just fine on their own!


christie said...

love the pictures....

Archana said...

Hi Nikki

I am a friend of Betsy's, another twin mom. Mine are 13.5 months old. Max and Madeline are adorable babies and I am amazed at your strength! I have bookmarked your blog to keep up with your kids. They are both so sweet and gosh, I cant get past those cute chubby legs!

Archana - mom to Anishka and Nishan

Winbrooke said...

your photos inspire me.
sleep. there is always a reason it gets interrupted isn't there.
hugs to you!