Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Birthday Present? My baby is home!

It is my 35th birthday today. Never have I had a birthday like this. It is the most 'unbirthday' ever. But I don't mind. My daughter is home and she is feeling better. Phew- it was a steep hill to get here. She is still fussy and has a hard time getting comfortable. I would too if I had a giant cast on my little one year old body.

We got to have a couple of walks today around the hospital. We put her in a wagon and took her to see the "animals" at the hospital (pictures to come). She also got coffee with us and later some lunch. She liked being out and about and is slowly becoming her real self. She is clingy though and I have to hold her often. The problem is that Maxy has missed me and is very clingy too. He wants to jump on me and Madeleine and is not aware that he can hurt her. I feel bad. He is refusing the bottle but wanting to nurse constantly in my presence. It is just hard to have two babies when one of them is in this state.

I have to go now and make up some dinner while my precious sleeps. Thank you again for the flowers, the prayers, the positive thoughts and even the tears. Wait till you see my darling and her braveness.


Winbrooke said...

awww, they both love their mamma so much. Happy Birthday, unbirthday. I'm so glad Madeleine is home with her whole family now.

KatieE said...

Happy unBirthday.