Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday, June 25th

Three days before the surgery.

Madeleine is obliviously fine. I think she knows what will happen on Thursday but doesn't quite comprehend. She seems a little clingy these days and is a tad weary of strangers. Not uncommon for the average one year old baby, I guess. She is starting to lose some of her baby chub and you can really palpitate her tibia now. It is interesting how it has grown and I am reminded of what she was like as a skinny preemie.

My mom comes tomorrow and we will have pictures taken of the babes and she will help me do hand and feet prints. Madeleine will have a bath everyday so taht she can enjoy it while she can. She will not be able to bathe witht he spica cast on. Consequently, neither will Max. I told Michael that Maxy will have to get showers for the next six weeks- it won't be fair if he has fun in the tub and Madeleine is unable to join him.

The day of Madeleine's surgery she will also have blood taken for her allergy test. I'm glad we are getting that done now.

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erin said...

The Blooms are thinking of you all and hope all goes perfectly tomorrow. Lots of love to you and your special girl.