Monday, November 17, 2008

Justin Roberps

Have you heard of this guy? His name is Justin Roberts and he is like, the coolest musician for kids ever! Madeleine calls him Justin Roberps, the title of this post is not a typo.

So, we have been listening to JR's music for a while but we finally got to see him live! We went to the show last Friday and it was truly fantastic. This was the first time that Madeleine and Max had ever been to a live performance. Heck, any time they have been to any performance, they have never even been to a movie!

Before the show. Max wanted to play Justin's guitar, he kept asking to play with the 'toys up there'.

During the show they kids were mesmerized, smitten and enthralled. Madeleine danced a bit and sang along with Justin. It was the neatest thing!

Madeleine getting ready to bust a move.

The band and the mosh pit in front.

The kids' favorite song is probably "Imaginary Rhino" on the Meltdown CD. Here's a clip of Justin singing it live last summer, I presume.

This is Madeleine and Max's version of the same song. By the way, Michael and I listen to this song all day and all night and in our dreams too.

Update on the sleep doctor- for all who want to know...

The long awaited sleep doctor appointment finally arrived. I was going to have all the answers, get a good night's sleep, for once and figure out how to have the perfect sleeping child, right?

Um, the stupid tech person messed up and they didn't get the data they needed. What?! Are you kidding? Nope, not kidding.

Dr. Sleep thinks Mad's issues are behavioral. She recommended reading some book and being firm. Her word, not mine. Basic behavior shaping sans whistle.

I took my appointment to ask her everything else I could think of so all my friends could benefit from the real live sleep doctor.

Q: When do babies need to stop eating or nursing in the middle of the night?
A: 3 months if everything else is normal (weight etc.)

Q: When to do Cry It Out, if you are going to go that route?
A: 6-9 months. She recommends a modified approach.

Q: How long should bedtime prep be?
A: No longer than 30 minutes (yeah, right, tell that to M and M.)

Q: When do kids give up naps?
A: 25% will by the age of 2. 25% will still need naps at 5 years old. Most kids give it up between 2.5 and 3.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We're getting the BAND back together!

I'm stealing this picture from Jenna's blog because it is so darn cute!
We try to get together with Logan every week. The kiddos really love playing together and Jenna and I try to sit and have coffee. Sometimes there is some toddler intervening but usually they are all cooperative. Besides, Logan has more toys than Toys R Us!!! I mean, what other kid has two guitars and a keyboard?

Monday, November 10, 2008

extra photos without a title

Max playing with the vacuum at Pottery Barn Kids. How's that for cheap entertainment?
Doing what he loves

My rocker girl.

The fountain at the mall.

Fun flashlights from Grandma.

Friday, November 7, 2008

updates from the doctor

Madeleine had a orthopedic clinic appointment this week, here are the highlights:
  • She is doing awesome
  • Her heal pad is centered well over her tibia; there is no chance of slipping
  • Her Achilles tendon has remained the same
  • The valgus in her knee is not that bad right now and no surgery is needed for a long time
  • There is no possibility of bony overgrowth

Dr. Mosca videotaped Madeleine running up and down the hall. He told me that her gate looked great and she was developing wonderfully. He also wrote a prescription for a new leg! We will begin molding for it next week.

Max was so excited to see Dr. Mosca that as soon as he came into the room Max shouted, "It's Dr. Moca, yeah". Then, last night when Auntie Greta was here Michael asked Maxy who our new president was and Max shouted, "Dr. Mosca!"


This morning is our follow up with the sleep doctor.......

5 Years

Today is Michael and my wedding anniversary. Five years ago we fled to the courthouse and married in secret. You may remember that our celebration was in June, I wore the wedding dress, we cut the cake and had fun with our guests. But... our real wedding was so much more.

We married on a Friday in jeans and sweaters. We said our vows and kissed. We went to dinner and relished in the fact that no one knew we were married except us. We ended our night dancing to 'My Funny Valentine' at the Fairmont Hotel. We drank champagne, ate chocolate covered strawberries and had the BEST time. I wouldn't have done anything differently.

I love you, Michael, can you believe it has been five years?! We went from a tiny apartment on Capitol Hill, to a bigger apartment and a cat, to our house with our wonderful twins. We have endured more than a couple should have to. We have seen family strife, infertility, the devastation of an imperfect ultrasound, hospitalized bed rest and life without family near and two infants. Sure, it has been hard but we have triumphed. Our family has made me the happiest I could ever imagine to be. Thank you for everything. I love you and cannot wait for the next five years and beyond.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Madeleine has a new obsession: gymnastics.

She asks for it daily and nightly. She LOVES it.

I wasn't sure about getting her involved. I have to shamefully admit. I thought it would be trying too hard. It is also expensive- especially if you have twins.

We happened to find Seattle Gymnastics Academy and their 'indoor playground' and she is hooked. When we first came I told one of the 'teachers/gymnasts' about her prosthesis. I added that it didn't hold her back and we were hopeful that she would find her way to the paralympics. The gymnast/teacher corrected me by saying, "or the Olympics". You're hired!

For the record: Max thinks gymnastics is pretty great too.

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