Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Summer Getaway

Retreat to the woods!
Homey Cabin

We didn't get to have many vacations this summer as Michael was very busy at work and with all of our 'car disasters'- well let's just say we enjoyed a few 'staycations'. We did, however, get to get a way for a few days to this fabulous mountain cabin. One of my clients, and friend, own this amazing little cottage way high up in the mountains Northeast of Seattle. The kids loved the novelty of a new place and Michael and I relished in no phone or computer access. It was truly delightful.

The cabin is close to this little town (about 40 minute drive) in the heart of the cascades called Leavenworth. It has been made into a Bavarian Village and is absolutely adorable. We also found a cool little farmers market that had great snacks, wonderful veggies and oodles of things for kids to enjoy. Max and Madeleine's favorite part was the kitty that lived in the store.


Polka Band

Max and Madeleine had so much fun even though it was hot hot hot there. The keep asking when they can go back! Michael and I would love it as well! Thanks Lynne and Jeff for the great memories from your fabulous cabin!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Max's Talent

Max has emerged as a talented musician. He loves to play his guitar any chance he gets and has recently begun to write his own songs.