Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bath Time!

I couldn't post a picture of me pregnant without a picture of the babies to go with it!
The love the bath. If they hear the water running they get super antsy and start whining. They also haul their little diapered butts down the hall to the bathroom. It has become our play time.
Maxy is a born swimmer. He lays on his belly in the tub and kicks his legs. He loves to stand up and explore the tap, the shampoo bottles and anything else he can get his hands on.
Last night Madeleine pooped in the tub. It was a first. I was washing Max's hair and suddenly Max must have noticed and started whining and yelling. I was shocked to find little shards of poop and whole undigested peas floating away from Madeleine. She looked oblivious! I felt like a mom when I had to scoop out the toys, drain the water and rinse the babies. I guess you know you're a mom when your babies' poop doesn't bother you that much!

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