Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Madeleine's Enemy #1- Eggs

Apparently Madeleine is allergic to eggs. I called the doctor last Thursday and explained that I was worried about the babies having eggs for the first time in their birthday cake. I was concerned they would have an allergic reaction. I think the doctor thought I was a bit crazy (this was confirmed later). "Don't worry," she said, "egg allergies are really rare and there is such little egg in cake it probably isn't a big deal." She told me to give the babes scrambled eggs at lunch, just to "ease my mind".
Lunch time....
I scrambled an egg. I didn't add anything to it- just the egg. I split it between Max and Madeleine; half on his tray, half on hers. They loved it. Immediately Madeleine got a red rash around her mouth. She cried and rubbed her eyes and her mouth. Instantly blue-ish purple-ish hives broke out all over her face, including her eye lids. Her eyeballs became red and irritated looking. She cried. I called the pediatrician (I hate to say I told you so but...) and gave her 3/4 teaspoon of Benadryl. She felt better. We will have a blood test done soon to determine how bad the allergy is and if there are any others. Until then no eggs for Madeleine and no eggs for me. If you know me well you will know that that means I'm off cookies.
Although the reaction cleared up quick I was still able to snap a few shots!


KatieE said...

Ooooh -- poor baby! That's how Sabrina looked after I ate a pound of strawberries.

Betsy said...

Poor Madeleine! Glad it cleared up quickly. And hopefully it'll be something she outgrows.

suelee said...

Niki -
What a wonderful blog this is. I just bookmarked it. You really do have a way with words and pictures, that show just how much and sweet you love and cherish your babies. I'm sorry the Haslam clan missed the birthday festivities (Chris was sick). Can you believe it's been a year!?!Looks like Max and Madeleine had a blast. My thoughts are with all of you next week.


erin said...

Moms know best! You may remember that Eli's allergic to eggs so we can commiserate. Apparently it's the egg white that is often the problem. I've substituted just yolks in certain recipes and he hasn't reacted. And there is a recipe for a vegan chocolate cake in Joy of Cooking.. :)