Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Will You Be My Daddy Tonight?

While I gather pictures and posts for the Camp No Limits Blog Post and want to let you in on a little secret. Please don't judge. I don't need advice and I don't even need your comments.  Here is goes....

We snuggle with our kids before bed. We lay down with them often... and sometimes we fall asleep right then and there. While we were at camp Max said the most incredible thing:

"Mommy, will you be my daddy tonight?"

I had laid down with him after a long and hot day at camp. The kids and I were exhausted from all the activities. We snuggled in the first night in our little cabin and Max whispered this as he wrapped his arms around my arm (as if I were his stuffy he was sleeping with). He fell promptly asleep as I lay awake and thought about this statement.

You see my husband Michael is not normal. Our family is not a normal family. Michael is a true co-parent if not a more primary one.  He is incredibly dedicated and hugely present. When Michael commits to something he really stays loyal. He has worked at his job for over 11 years! He wakes up every morning and gets ready for work, kisses the kids and leaves, sometimes before we are awake if it is summer time.  He gets home at approximately the same time every night. He rarely (if ever) stays late. Instead he gets home to sometimes relieve a babysitter or to relieve me as I run off to see a student or go for a run. I typically work evenings and Michael is the primary parent.

Michael goes from work to dad seemingly effortlessly and without complaint.

What makes this so profoundly beautiful to me is that I don't see an equal. I could be wrong, I'm not in the homes of many people. When I was a child my 'dad' or father figure could never replace the arms of my mother. I feel blessed and lucky that my kids love their daddy as much as they do.

Just so it is in print here is a list of the things that make Michael so very special.

-He is an fabulous cook. If it weren't for Michael we would eat bean burritos and salad every night
-He arranges food on our plates as if we got it in a restaurant (wipes of the sides of the plate so that they are sauce free, stacks veggies in cute pyramids, freshly grated pepper or parmesan, you get the idea)
-He starts family inside jokes so that only the four us know the secret code
-He still listens to bad 80s music
-He fixes our computer effortlessly
-He knows how much I need to exercise and run and allows me that freedom
-He loves the aquarium
-He prefers Mexico over Hawaii
-He flosses everyday
-He is skeptical about 'quick fixes'
-He waited an incredibly long time to get a flat screen tv
-He cleans the house up every night
-He does the laundry
-He gets excited about small things like "Tide Pods" for the laundry
-He always makes sure there is window cleaning fluid in our cars
-He drives the second car- a volvo wagon from 1988 and rarely complains
-I have never mowed the lawn
-He loves us unconditionally and "Dads" better than anyone I know (did you catch that I turned 'dad' into a verb. I know, right?!)

I love you Michael, thanks for all you do for us.

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