Friday, June 8, 2007

reserving the right

I reserve the right to be grumpy.
I reserve the right to be a bad friend right now.
It is okay for me to feel shafted.
It is okay for me to feel like this is unfair.
I'm angry
I'm hurting


Kelley said...

Sending thoughts your way. The next couple of weeks will be hard but when you see your precious daughter running and dancing, the pain of these last few hard days will fade.

Kelley W
a mom who has been there
DD MeiMei, RAK

Sarah said...

Niki, I hope you remember me -- mom of Allison and Jane from the older twin PEPS group. Betsy passed along your blog, and I just want to tell you that you seem to be handing this amazingly difficult situation with such grace. I think you deserve the right to feel/do whatever you need to to get through this, and to be the best mom you can for Max and Maddy. Let me tell you that from afar, I am so impressed with how you're dealing with everything. Best of luck and know that I will be wishing you all well.

Winbrooke said...

you are a good friend.
it is so unfair that your family has to go through this.
thanks for sharing your blog and your beautiful madeleine and max. they are amazing in every way. you have such a sweet way of capturing your love for them. I feel it, so I know they feel it.

Winbrooke said...
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BethGo said...

Ok. Iam reading every post now that I have a moment. You are so right with this. My son Riley is almost three and I know I have to be strong about his limb difference but there are times when it makes me grumpy too. You are so not alone in any of this.
Anyway, I started from the beginning of your blog and am working my way through. I've teared up several times already.
Both of your children are just beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job.
(((Hugs))) to you and yours.