Sunday, July 1, 2007


We just need to get through this. Honestly, it is awful. She pooped today (even though I can hardly get her to eat) and it was like a newborn breast fed poop. It seeped into her cast soaking the gauze and padding. I had to wipe it out with wet wipes and wash cloths then I tried to dry it with the hair dryer on cool. We aired out her butt for a bit and that must have felt good for her. On the side of her leg where it is casted her leg is so swollen you can't stuff a cloth down that side. It looks like it is soaked with blood and I am reminded of her massive surgery.


KatieE said...

Oh sweetie -- I wish I was there to help. I've tried to think of how Sabrina and I could come up there and not be in the way.

Winbrooke said...

I'm sorry niki. it sounds awful to deal with the poop and how swollen and bloody she looks in the cast.
I hope her appetite comes back and she has a normal bm soon.
hugs to you.

AnnaK said...

I have been reading your blog and thinking of you constantly. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for your family, but I am amazed by your courage and strength. Keep hanging in there...

jules said...

hugs Niki. I wish I was there to help you.

JLaibson said...

Oh Niki, I am so sorry you all have to go through this. I have been thinking of you everyday and sending love. I have a very felxible schedule next week and can help Sunday through thursday with whatever you need.
Love and hugs to all of you.