Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday night

I'm home for a bit. Michael is at the hospital with sweet Madeleine and Max, my mom and I came home for a bit (and a glass of wine). My mom is pushing Maxy up and down the hallway in his new schoolbus car. He sure loves his Grandmother! She has taught him how to point and retreive snacks from various locations. We think that maybe she thinks he is her dog! No just kidding. He also said "fish" today when he was watching the fish tank at Children's Hospital- another one of grandma's accomplishments.

Madeleine had a little bit of a better day. The morning was a little rough as we were trying to figure out the right dosage of Oxycodone to give her. After we got her nice and comfy she took down three ounces of sugar water and then another three and a half of breast milk. When I put her on the breast she bites me but today I could give her a bottle of expressed breastmilk. I'm thinking it might be hard for her to have the energy to suck the milk out of the breast and the nipple is easier. She threw up a bit too (before the feeding). I washed her and changed her hospital gown. She got her epidural taken out today and hopefully soon we can remove the catheter- one less tube.

Oh, I forgot! She pooped today too, which is huge accomplishment in the hospital! We cleaned her up and I realized how challenging the cast is going to be!

Hopefully she will have a better night. I think she is becoming more and more herself as time goes on. She even did Pat-A-Cake in her drowsy state!

Thank you again to all the well wishers, the senders of flowers and balloons, the prayers and the tears. We love you and are so grateful for our community.

I'll try to post pictures of our beautiful baby girl soon.

Love you all,
Niki, Michael, Max and Madeleine


KatieE said...

Thinking of you ... hugs.

jenna said...

My thoughts are with you all!

Winbrooke said...

how sweet that she even did pat a cake. she's amazing.

Dorota said...

I have tears in my eyes, what a strong soul she is!

Amber said...

Madeleine is amazing, as is her mom and the rest of the family. We're thinking of you and sending lots of love.