Thursday, June 28, 2007

On the mend

Madeleine came out of surgery at 12:30 or so. She was wheeled into her room at 1:30. She looked at us and I got to hold her but she was pretty out of it. I just remember how I felt coming out of anesthesia after my C-Section; I imagine she feels a little like that only drowsier.

She has an epidural and doesn't seem to feel much pain. The nurse, however, said that by the way she keeps her limbs stiff that she is experiencing some discomfort. Her throat is very sore from being intibated and she sounds hoarse, like she has to have a good cough.

She has been sleeping much of the day. Maxy came by to say hi but even he seemed to know that Madeleine wasn't feeling well. She woke up a bit this afternoon for three ounces of glucose water. Tonight I was able to get her to nurse for a bit too. Food seems to be the last thing on her mind but she is sure attached to her binky.

I thought I'd be prepared for the wires but I wasn't. The epidural freaks me out. She has an IV in her ankle and all the leads and wires one would expect in the hospital. She also has a catheter right now so I don't need to worry about changing diapers around that cast.

Speaking of casts. Holy #### is there a lot of cast! It goes clear up to her arm pits and all the way down her left leg. It is heavy and hard. She looks like a tiny little thing in this giant life raft. The cast that covers her leg is huge. Dr. Mosca said that he used a lot of padding but I wasn't expecting it to be pronounced. You can't even tell the shape of her leg. It just looks like a big blob.

Emotionally it is very hard to see her so drugged. I know it is for the best because to think that she would have pain is heart wrenching. She just isn't my little girl though. Hopefully tomorrow she will be more like herself. Tomorrow morning they are going to try to turn off the epidural and give her oral oxycodone to see how she tolerates it. The nurse mentioned that she was dealing a lot better than babies usually do. When she tried to give her tylenol Madeleine resisted. Which is strange in itself since she normally loves her "tylenol candy".

Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. I think they are helping. Thanks also to the Lee Smart Ladies for the wonderful gift. Madeleine was mesmorized by the balloons, certainly I nice diversion (Maxy was pretty into them too!) and the teddy bear is adorable.

Back to my baby's bedside.


Winbrooke said...

she sounds like the strong girl that we all know and love. just like her mom. I hope the next day passes gently and she becomes more like herself.

KatieE said...

Oh sweetie -- my heart goes out to you. Hugs and kisses headed your way. Love, Sabrina and Katie

jenna said...

Im glad it is over, she is so brave. The first night is the worst and she will slowly start being abck to herself. The cast, I know it is huge!!!!!!!!!!!Hang in there, you are doing so well, Im glad the scary part is done and the recovery begins. I cnt wait to see her run with Max!