Saturday, August 11, 2007


We went to the zoo on Saturday with our dear friend and her two little girls. It was the twins' first zoo trip, I'm embarrassed to say since we live maybe 3 miles from it. Funny that I have been to the zoo a number of times with other children that I babysat for (Aaron, Penney kids and others) but had never gone with my kids.

They liked seeing the animals particularly the cheetah and the emu. Although, humorously Michael and I refered to the emu as a 'chicken' or a 'turkey' (a throw back joke from our visit to the San Diego Zoo).

Other highlights included riding on the Merry-G0-Round and a trip to the 'Zoomazium' where the kids could crawl around and explore. I thought Madeleine would have been scared of the Merry-Go-Round, she was also riding a horse that went up and down but about 2 seconds into the ride she got the look of FUN on her face! She laughed and squealed and was delighted by the sights and sounds. She cried when the ride was over but soon got over her sadness at the sight of cheese and our other friends!


christie said...

I love all the updates. The kids look great!!! I love the zoo pictures. Thanks for all the time you put in to tell us what is going on. The kids are growing like weeds and I love the seeing them...

jenna said...

I know this is a blog about the kids but Ive got to say, Niki you look FABULOUS! You just look great.