Friday, August 10, 2007


don't ask me why we couldn't lengthen

don't equate my child to a pirate

don't tell me about Heather Mills

don't tell me that they are doing amazing things with prosthetics 'these days'

do ask me about Fibular Hemimelia

do ask me about Madeleine's other qualities

do share stories about other children/amputees with me (if they are positive)

do realize that Madeleine is her own individual with unique strengths and challenges

do realize that Michael and I want the very very best for our daughter

do know that we did our research and feel confident with our decision


jenna said...

Thank you Niki, this entry should be posted everywhere! If I hear one more time of heather mills, or a one handed baseball player I will scream. Thanks for putting this list out there for others, you are amazing.

Winbrooke said...

I'm sorry you have to hear these things from people. I hope I haven't said anything myself.
I hope this weekend is good for you and your whole family. m and m are so lucky to have you in their lives protecting and nurturing them.

KatieE said...

WOW ... please tell me that someone didn't say something about a pirate. I cannot believe someone would be so insensitive or ridiculous. I'm so sorry.

MommaSpaz said...

I know of an amazing woman who was born without the bottom of her arm. She still had her elbow, but after that, it was missing. She overcame all obstacles placed in her way, every person who would put her down, or make fun of her, was ignored, and she threw off all negative comments. She is one amazing strong girl who can do everything any normal person can do and better! I think that she is much stronger, and much more capable as a person because she was different. But yet when looking at her, and when talking to her, and spending time with her, you realized that she was not different, she was the same as you and I.

You are one amazing mother, and M and M are blessed to have you as their mom! :)

BethGo said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I agree with you 100%.