Friday, August 24, 2007

The Prosthesis Fitting

Madeleine had her first visit to see her prosthetist, Greg. She did very well and was very patient. He looked at her leg, bending it a bit and moving it around. He measured it with angle rulers, little tape measures and a big tong-looking thing. For the plaster cast he fit a soft sock over her entire leg and wrote on it with a special pencil. He then put the plaster of her leg in sheets making a replica. He will fill that cast in with liquid plaster and have an exact mold of her special leg.

In this first picture he is measuring her foot (11 cm) to know what size her new foot will be. He is ordering it now and it should be here next week. A Kingsly Pediatic Foot (see below).
Greg will make Madeleine's leg. Even though she has most of her calf her prosthesis will go up to the top of her knee. Her leg will fit into and give her control in movement.

Madeleine's first helper leg will be shorter than this one in the picture and chubbier. She will have the option when she is older to have a special titanium leg with pictures on it (like the one on the left) or a "cosmetic" leg.

Here Madeleine is helping Greg hold the blocks to measure her leg length discrepancy.

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Melissa said...

Really amazing! I was watching a special on TLC the other day on Prothesis making, I can't recall the name of the show, but I thought it was really interesting and thought of you guys and how amazing your sweet little girl is and what an awesome brother she has.

Can't wait to hear all about her new beautiful foot! Hope You have a great weekend! :)

xoxo Melissa & the cranksters haha