Thursday, August 30, 2007

Test Leg

So, yesterday wasn't what I hoped. In fact, I have found myself to be in a bit of a funk as residual emotions spring forth. I had thought that Madeleine would put that 'leg extender' on and instantly feel freedom. I had thought she would enjoy joining the ranks of her brother in 'walkerdom'. Alas, she did not. The leg was foreign. It was tight. It was overwhelming and she cried. Cathy, our physical therapist, distracted her magically with bubbles.

I realized that this is going to take a while. sigh. And our journey is not over yet. This will take time and patience. It will be frustrating and painful. Michael reminds me that Madeleine adapted to the cast wonderfully. She learned to pull herself up. She learned to stand and cruise in the giant coccoon. She will learn to walk with her new leg but it will take time.

Putting on the sock. All is fine for now.

Putting on the test leg. What a sweet size 4.5 foot!

Standing, but not happy.

Crawling with the test leg on.

We will get her permanent Helper Leg (our words for it) next Wednesday and then the challenge begins.

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jenna said...

She looks great! I cant believe she is already crawling, so amazing. It wont take her long and she will be faster than Max!! Take care, its only uphill from here:)