Monday, August 6, 2007

Count down to Cast Off

The reality of the cast coming off is so real now. Madeleine continues to amaze in the cast- a few proud moments...
-she stoops and recovers (while holding on) to get a toy
-while standing up on the cast she does 'no hands' as long as she is leaning against something
-she cruises around her crib, in the cast!
-she crawls fast
-she sits on the side that is not casted and props herself up with one arm
-she does "one arm push-ups"

Man she is strong!

I was cleaning her diaper area yesterday and noticed some gauze or padding that seemed loose. I pulled on it to try to straighten it out under the cast and it came out. It was soaked with dried blood and I was once again reminded of the reason for the cast in the first place. I pulled up the skin on her leg to get a better look and saw the incision on her knee and the steri-strips holding it together.

We have been so focused on getting the cast off that I feel I have neglected the reality of what is underneath.

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