Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cast Off!!!!

In about three hours we will be at Children's Hospital for the next phase of our journey. First Madeleine will have x-rays taken through the cast. Then we will meet with Dr. Mosca and hopefully take the cast off. We will then meet with Greg, the prosthetist, and he will make a shrinker sock for her leg.

They have told me that Madeleine will be wobbly and feel insecure in the beginning as she is use to the cast and its weight. They recommend a warm bath to make her feel better, duh. The kid hasn't had a proper bath for six weeks! The prosthetist recommend massaging her residual limb as she may experience numbness and pins and needles. I think it will also be helpful for Michael and I to get use to our little girl.

I'm scared, honestly. I'm scared of the next part of your life. I'm afraid to see what she looks like under the cast. I'm afraid that she will be in pain. I'm weary of the stares we will get from people looking at her leg.

Just our life, I guess.

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Jef said...

CONGRATS! Hope it goes smoothly! love you all!