Saturday, August 4, 2007

4 days 00 hours 56 minutes 23 seconds

Some pictures from when Grandpa Gordy was here. More to come soon. This is Madeleine showing off her "standing up" prowess in the cast.
Maxy playing in the sprinkler statue area at our local outdoor mall.

We are in the home stretch! I can't believe that this phase is almost done and we will be onto the next. My attention is now turned to how Madeleine will deal with the cast being OFF. Will she miss her foot? Will she be apprehensive about putting weight on her little leg?

Regardless, we are ready to move on. In the past six weeks she has learned new things, she has adapted to her limitations and that reassures me that she will be able to handle anything that comes her way.


jenna said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! Not long now! I cant wait to see her run along side Max!

Winbrooke said...

yay! just in time for the best part of our seattle summer. enjoying the outdoors cast free!