Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yogurt is good!
Look at my hands! Madeleine demonstrating that you do not need to use a spoon to eat yogurt.
Maxy doing the sign for all done.

As the babies are learning how to eat like civilized beings I have been trying to get them to use a spoon. This makes for great fun and sometimes messy twins! By the way, don't tell Michael I give the babies a spoon and bowls of yogurt and let them have at it!

The video (from the post "talkies") shows the tail end of our breakfast meal today. Although the babies have only a few words (mama, dada, more..) the have a bunch of gestures (or signs). Including all done, more and no! For whatever reason when Max shakes his head no Madeleine laughs!


Misti said...

Niki we just watched the video 3 times, it was so funny! Do more please! They are hysterical, beautiful babies. Have a good day, love you! misti

Niki said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Oh, don't worry- now that I have figured out youtube there will be no stopping my video uploads!

KatieE said...

Niki -- seriously, that video was hilarious. I showed it to JT and my mom ... so, you can add us to the list of people who watched it three times!!