Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Tomorrow Madeleine has her appointment with Greg, the prosthetist, for her test leg. Her foot has come in (a size 4) and he is now making a leg that is see through so that he and the physical therapist can see how it is fitting her. When they get it just right he will make her permanent leg- we should get it next week.

I'm so unbelievably excited about this next part of our journey. I cannot wait to see my baby walk! We are just one step closer to getting our lives back to normal.

To get ready for her new helper leg I had to buy her new shoes. They had to be "good", have a wide sole, be lace up and have some stability. Here is what I bought-

I wanted her to have cute girly shoes but also some that she could wear with almost everything. You cannot really tell but the leather is brown and the flowers are of course pink. I'm swelling with pride and buying my little girl her first pair of shoes.


jenna said...

Im so excited for your family, let the new journey begin! I cant wait to see her running around. HEr shoes are so cute, girl shoes are much more cute than boy shoes:)
Good luck and keep us all posted!

Betsy said...

Adorable! Very exciting times ahead for Madeleine. So happy for you all!