Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Piss and Vinegar

Diapering is a whole new adventure now.

Madeleine is still not eating as much as we would like yet she is still able to poop everyday. Her dad's constitution, we say. The poops are nasty. They are runny and seem to spread like a ball of hair mousse.

Yesterday the pooped seeped into her cast again. My mother, being the clean freak she is, grabbed a vinegar soaked wash cloth to clean Madeleine's already yellowing cast. My daughter now smells a bit like poop, pee and salad.

We can now say that she is surely full of piss and vinegar.


Winbrooke said...

what a great idea to use vinegar. I'm sorry her poops are not solid. I hope she starts eating soon.

Carla K said...

Fischer/Meyers Family,
I have been away for a couple of days, but you have not been far from my thoughts. I read your blog after I called last night, sorry about that. You have all been through a lot with much in front of you still, but stay brave and soon this will be behind you. A special thought right this moment for Madeline.

KatieE said...

Poor thing ... man, only five more weeks. Hugs.

jules said...

Poor Madeleine (& Mama too)! You're doing great Niki! hugs

Jef said...

I think switching to balsamic is the only answer!

Love you guys, kiss those beautiful children for Uncle Jef!