Monday, July 30, 2007

Grandpa's here and we're sick!

Gordy, Michael's father, arrived the other night. It is great to have him here. Unfortunately the twins are sick. A virus. They have sore throats and fevers. They are whiny and inconsolable.

I was worried enough to call the pediatric orthopedist at Children's Hospital on Sunday. He said that the fevers were probably not due to Madeleine's healing I should call the clinic on Monday. So, I called. We have an appointment for Wednesday to have X-Rays done and to see Dr. Mosca again. I love Children's Hospital. This is probably nothing. This is probably only a virus that is making my babies miserable but the nurse at Children's offered an appointment to ease my mind and to make sure that Madeleine was healing okay. Phew.

When we see Dr. Mosca it will be five weeks from surgery. It will be my first glimpse (albeit through x-ray) of Madeleine's little leg (her lucky leg if we are going to relate her to Nemo and his lucky fin). Michael keeps telling me that Dr. Mosca will not take her cast of this week. I can hope. I guess what I really want is for him to look at her and tell me that she is okay. Isn't that what ever mom wants?

Thankfully Gordy is here to play with Max while I attend to Madeleine.

8 days 14 hours 32 minutes and 13 seconds.

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