Tuesday, July 10, 2007

29 days left

29 days left until the wretched cast comes off.

I'm not posting updates as much or as often as I would like because it feels like I have two newborns again. It has been hard to return emails or phone calls. Geez, it has been hard to take a shower or even go to the bathroom.

Madeleine is adjusting as well as expected. She is "crawling" or dragging her cast rather. She is happy to play on the floor for about two seconds before wanting me to hold her. Her pain is being managed better and her medication doses are fewer and farther between. With that said, she is still not the same baby. She is hot and uncomfortable. She is whiney and needy. I think she is depressed.

Maxy has really taken off in the walking department. Of course our home is small enough where he can creep or cruise to where he needs to go but if necessity calls, or if Mama encourages, my little bugger can walk his baby butt across the floor!

Much more is that Max is taking this cast thing in stride. He gets so little of me now but takes it so well. I think he knows tha Madeleine needs me right now.


KatieE said...

She is so precious ... I hope our package arrives soon.

Winbrooke said...

hugs. I hope I can see you next week. I'm free any day...and we can do the park if you want to get out. I hope your place has cooled down from the extreme heat of yesterday.