Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In the fall

In the fall I will not be returning to my job. I quit my job. Well, no, I'm hoping to take a medical leave because of the care that Madeleine will require.

I was sad to quit. I love my job. I love my students and the teachers I work with. I love my principal. There isn't much I do not like about teaching at the school where I work
I made the decision based on certain criterion. It was difficult.

1. I don't make enough financially after childcare to contribute to the family fund.
2. I could not retain my current nanny for the time that I would like to teach.
3. I didn't want to find another nanny that I would trust with Max and Madeleine and her needs.
4. She needs me now.
5. I did not want to be away from my children three days a week.
6. Madeleine needs me now to take her to therapy, to school, to the playground.
7. I want to have my own business and this brings me a few steps closer.
8. I will tutor and have more flexible hours.
9. and 10. It just made more sense.

As I mourn my daughter's foot I mourn the loss of part of my identitiy as a teacher at Coe School as well. I will miss it in so many ways. But, there will always be more students and there will never be another second year for Max and Madeleine. Madeleine will never learn to walk on a prosthetic leg again. I am her therapist. I am her teacher. I am her mother.

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