Friday, July 6, 2007

Just at home

Max still enjoys pushing his sister around the house with his car. This time he needs some extra help (provided by grandma) and a pillow to keep Madeleine upright, but fun, nonetheless.
In this photo Max is wearing a hospital gown (hee hee) we "borrowed" it so that we could use it as a bib and crumbs wouldn't fall into the cast. Don't worry, I'll return it when we go back to clinic to have the cast removed.
Speaking of casts... the poop and pee continues. I have such a hard time with this aspect of the spica. It seems that I just can't get her clean enough! Today I tried to dry her cast with the hair dryer and we saw her scoot her little self across the floor and away from the dryer. She is afraid of the noise (she is like this with the vacuum as well).
We switched her meds today from Oxycodone to Tylenol with Codeine, hoping that she will tolerate it better and not have so many side effects. The Oxy seems to upset her stomach, makes her itch and generally feel lousy. I think it will be a while before she is off pain medication.


christie said...

Meyers Family-
Little Miss looks good, I love the pictures that you put on. Max looks like he loves to push is sister around in the car. Keep the gown, it is a great protector. thanks for sharing with us.

Kelley said...

looking at the picture, and with your comments, do you have a smaller diaper pushed up inside the cast? That is what we did and it worked well. We had a smaller one pushed up inside the cast in the front and back and then the larger one on the outside of the cast. It helped to keep things clean and dry.


Niki said...

Thanks Christie :)

Hi Kelley,
Yes we have a smaller diaper inside and cut up incontinence pads or baby washcloths. It is getting easier to diaper her but in the beginning the cast was very tight- probably from swelling- now it is looser and easier to push extra pads inside. It still seems difficult to keep clean. Last night Madeleine was putting pieces of cheese down the front of it!

Kelley said...

Great. just wanted to make sure since our nurses were clueless and we just had to figure it out as we went. The other thing that worked real well was propping her up in a backpack carrier so that she could be upright. However, the bottom of Madeleine's cast looks pretty wide so I'm not sure if it will fit through the opening but it's worth trying. MeiMei loved being upright to color, 'play' the piano, etc. The other lifesaver was a beanbag chair.


Winbrooke said...

as always, your kiddos are beautiful in every way.
they are such a pair too with that car and max wearing the gown.
I'm glad the cast is feeling looser, but oh my with the cheese!


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! This is Melissa! :) We used to be in the same multiples preg group in Ovusoft! (daydreamer) I hope you don't mind, I saw your link on Katie's site and was happy to come see your beauties!! Gosh they are so adorable! I'd love to give them both a big kiss and hug!! SO CUTE!!! I wish you lived closer so we could meet and have the babies play together! :)

I'm so sorry for everything sweet Madeleine has been thru, it looks like she and my Brandon went thru their big surgeries right around the same time! I'm not sure if you knew or not, he had cancer and a liver transplant, doing great now though! Sounds like we have both been thru alot with our babies! :)

I have really enjoyed looking thru the pics and look forward to seeing more!! :)

Take care and hope you have a great day!!! :)
xoxox melissa

AnnaK said...

Love the photo of Max pushing Madeleine around. (Lila is terrified of our little walker thing - won't go anywhere near it and eyes it suspiciously whenever it's in the room.) Question: will Madeleine be getting physical therapy? If yes, is it through Children's? Finn is getting PT right now at Swedish since he still doesn't crawl (just scoots on his belly). I'm going to talk to our pediatrician about other programs and am curious to hear what you have found out.