Sunday, July 15, 2007

A visit with Auntie Paula

Michael's sister, Paula, left yesterday. Strange that this is only the second time I have ever seen her in person. Despite our unfamiliarity we got along swimmingly. She has all of Michael's great characteristics: warm, kind, sincere, funny, fun-loving, attractive, playful and loved the twins! She was wonderful with the babies and I think they truly miss her. She was an incredible help to me too! She anticipated my needs before they surfaced. She helped with dishes and laundry but more importantly she interacted non-stop with Max and Madeleine.

I loved the way she played with Madeleine, holding her for close to an hour on the Dora Car so she could push the buttons and dance to the same old song! She got up in the morning with Max so Michael and I could sleep in a bit. (A truly wonderful gift for parents of twins!) She fed Maxy breakfast and held Madeleine in order to get her to eat something.

You can tell that Paula has three children and loves her job as mother. Her patience and love of family was contagious and I found myself more in love with Michael and my babies than ever before.

Thanks Paula, you have given us a tremendous gift.

*Pictures coming as soon as Paula emails them to me!


Winbrooke said...

wow, go paula! she sounds amazing. and you got to sleep in a little! truly a gift!

Cathy said...

What an awesome auntie! Sleep is indeed a gift when you have little ones. :-)