Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Incredible Shrinking Daughter

Apparently Madeleine is shrinking. Maxy is probably shrinking too but we don't notice because he doesn't need umpteen million leg adjustments. I have noticed that Max is getting taller because we don't need to roll up his pants anymore!

Madeleine was my chub. She was born with plenty of 'brown fat' and even though she was only 5 lbs 5 oz when she was born she looked absolutely chubby.

When she was no longer an infant and turned into a real baby (around 4 months) we got comments about how chubby she was. My own mother even asked me if the doctor was worried about her (!) Truth was that Madeleine (and Max) have always been very average in their weights. They have been in the 40th - 50th percentile consistently. And they were 6 weeks premature which means that we wanted them to grow, to eat, to chub up.

For the record, I loved the chub. And, when I find a chubby part (her bum, her arms, thighs, cheeks) I rejoice in it. I eat it, bite it, smooch it, squeeze it, and comment on it.

When we first took Madeleine to see Dr. Mosca and Greg they all commented on how chubby she was. Dr. M said that we wouldn't do the surgery younger than a year and that it would be hard to cast her etc. Greg consulted with his colleague, Peter, and they talked about how they were going to fit a chubby kid with a prosthesis. The OT got in on it and chatted. Holy. What? I walked out of the appointment feeling bad. Was she F-A-T? Should I worry? And then the nice nurse, Sue, said that they see a lot of sick babies so when they see one so robust and healthy they notice it. Thanks Sue!

Madeleine's first leggie came up very far. It was chubby like her and thick. It came above her knee and seemed to take up her entire leg.

She has grown so much now. My chunker is slim and getting tall. Her leg is constantly adjusted. Greg just added another centimeter. The bottom of the leggie now has a skinny ankle. (pictures coming soon). She has slimmed down so much that she is now in a 5-ply sock. We started with a 1-ply. She is literally growing right out of her leg!


twin power mommy said...

We seem to be on the same wave-length today. I took a pic of my caitlyn's braces that she's collected over the last 6 years.

The Father's Day post was good. I love to read about wives who are grateful for their men. Your's sounds like he's a keeper!

Kate said...

HELLO!!!! I found your blog through the Powell family (Logan)...my sister gave me their site. I know, the small world of blogging, right?!

Anyways, my almost 5 yr old daughter, Chloe has a prosthetic leg as well. She lost her foot in a lawnmower accident. I would love to chat with you if you like...other than the Powells I have not found any other fellow bloggers with children like our gems!! :)

I've enjoyed reading a bit on your blog...lovely to meet you!! God bless and I hope to talk to you later! :)

Martha said...

THE GRUBBER!!!!!!! She was such a little grub... I think grubs turn into flies, but Madeleine will be a butterfly!!

Katie said...

That looks so much like Reid's first leg. He has been chubby from the start...he came out weighing 9lb 11oz. He's still a pretty husky kid, but his stump does get a little skinnier each time we take him in. But a 5 ply sock? He's nowhere close to shrinking that much.

I love reading your blog. I don't know anyone else who experiences these kind of things.

Niki said...

Kate, Hello, nice to meet you. Jenna and Logan are very good friends of ours. It is nice for the kids to play together and share 'leggie' times. Logan is the only other kids with a leggie like Madeleine (that she knows). I'm so sorry to read about Chloe's accident, most kids I know are 'congenital' amputees. But you know, there is a big community of us moms with 'limb different' kids. Check out the links to your right, you will find a bunch of us with very normal, happy and well adjusted kids. :) I'm glad you found me.

Hi Katie, nice to see you again. I need to go back and read the adventures of your boys!

Martha, I know! She was so grubby!

Twin power mom, don't they grow so fast? Sniff! I think it is nice we have these physical remnats of their growth. Thanks for the father's day comment. Michael is a good day!