Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LIttle Kids Big City

We were recently featured in an online 'magazine' called nwsource.com. Rumor had it that Lora Shinn, local blogger, was looking for a feature family for her column. I emailed her and we had an interview and a photo shoot and voila, our story. Kind of.

Of course there was a lot left out. Lora and I had at least two hours of conversation and she had to naturally cut it down. I'm glad she mentioned fibular hemimelia and was able to capture our 'normalcy' to some extent. However, there are so so many things that were missing. Not that I'm blaming Lora at all. (seriously).

In the posts to come I will hopefully highlight the missing components that Lora didn't have the time and space to write about.

Thanks Lora, I loved meeting you and chatting about parenting in Seattle. I think the pictures you took are priceless.

Niki and Family

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Katie said...

Love the story (even the chopped down version) and the family pictures are great!