Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ice Cream on the Sofa

Before we get to the ice cream on the sofa I want to write about our night with Madeleine last night. The kids went to bed at 8:10 or something and although Madeleine didn't have a super hard time getting to sleep it did take her a while.

She woke up at 11pm. Michael and I were just getting to sleep and we waited for a bit to see if she could get back to sleep on her own. Her cries got louder and more urgent. Michael went in to soothe her but she was very upset. He brought her into our bed and it took her at least 15 minutes to settle down. I mean, she cried, howled, tossed and turned. She talked in an urgent voice. I seriously think she was still sleeping. Michael and I talked to her, we calmed her, we rubbed her back. I was two seconds away from picking her up and walking her outside to wake her up and settle her back down. It was all a little concerning.

I'm not sure if our 'behavioral changes' are going to make a difference.

Okay, enough of the bad-

Auntie Martha, this is for you....


Lizzie said...

I just loved the way Madeleine slowly slid of the couch at the mention of going to bed, was she hoping that if she sort of disappeared she wouldn't have to go! As for that kiss don't you just love it when your kids do that.
Also wanted to let you know I have put a picture of Paddy's fabric on my blog so you can get an idea of what it will be like.


Whitney said...

Adorable video!

Do you think maybe she was having a night terror? Reid has mostly grown out of them, but they were really bad once upon a time. He would sit up and scream and shout and even if his eyes were open he wasn't awake. He never remembers the episodes and he's a child who remembers *everything.* We did have to change the location (ie carry him to another room) and we had to wake him up (outside like you mentioned, cool rag to the head, etc) otherwise he didn't really comprehend that we were there.

Good luck! I know you all need the sleep...


Niki said...

Lizzie, yes, I think that was what Madeleine was up to! I do love it when they kiss, I love that they are so affectionate with each other. If one of them is crying the other says, "---- is sad" :)

Yep, I think it may be night terrors too. They have told me that 2 years old is a bit young for them. Do you think it has anything to do with the 'leggie' or amputation? I can't remember if Reid was born with it or if you had surgery.

ted said...

Thanks Niki... So sweet. I can't wait to see those beh behs again!!! Love me some ice cream too!!! :)

twin power mommy said...

That is too sweet.
Right when i heard them say "cheese" it reminded me of my little guy who says cheese any time he sees a camera on him. Aren't twins so fun! :D