Sunday, June 15, 2008


I grew up without a strong father figure in my life. So, Father's Day has always been a difficult 'holiday' as I never really knew how to handle it. Without going into my story here I will mention that my dad today is wonderful. He's a good friend and an interesting conversationalist. We enjoy our time together and I love him dearly.

Now, let's turn our attention to the main Father that I know, my husband. I never knew what kind of Dad Michael would be. Honestly, I knew him as a friend, as a boyfriend and then as a husband but I never really saw him as a 'father'. Can I just tell you that Michael is really one of the best fathers I know? He has exceeded my expectations with our children and I'm really quite proud of him.

Michael is a great dad because he:

  • Likes to play with the twins, this means he gets down on their level and pushes cars around, makes noises, digs in the dirt, makes up new games for them.

  • invented the 'tent' game which Max and Madeleine love. They have played tent since they were teeny tiny babies.

  • listens to his kids. He responds enthusiastically when they tell him something and when they are crying and you cannot understand one word he listens patiently.

  • would rather be with his kids than anyone else.

  • wants them to dress well and look cool! Often times Max and he are dressed exactly the same.

  • is proud of all their accomplishments, even the very small ones (clicking their own carseat, pouring water, venturing a little further in the pool...

  • takes pride in adventurous eating, Maxy likes sushi and Madeleine is NOT a vegetarian and seems to rejoice in a good burger or pork chop just like her daddy.

  • loves them (and me) unconditionally and shows them daily how much.

I'm resurrecting old pictures here. I love looking at the babies when they were, well, babies. Indulge me.

  • Michael last spring at the University of Washington
  • Just a sweet pictures of a daddy and his babies

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Martha said...

OMG. Look at their little round faces!!!