Friday, June 20, 2008

Frightening, I know

This is me two years ago, almost to the day. I know, it is scary. That belly weighed at least 25 pounds and felt as uncomfortable as it looks. I didn't think the skin would ever retract yet luckily it has started to go down.

At the time I wanted zero pictures of me like this. Now I wish I had more... I will never look like this again. sigh. It is a bittersweet feeling.


Jenna said...

That's a lot of baby!!

Lizzie said...

Wow - that is one awesome belly!! Can you believe that you carried not one but two beautiful babies. Happy second birthday Madeleine and Max, have a wonderful day.

Love Lizzie

Winbrooke said...

Love that belly!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you look beautiful! Isn't it amazing to look back on the bump pictures! I too wish I would have taken more.