Friday, April 18, 2008

Public or no?

Okay, so I'm sitting here doing a search of Fibular Hemimelia blah blah blah and I come across this....

WTF? Those are my children!!!! What's is up with this site? I cannot figure it out.

Please help!

The original title of this post was WTF. I'm stuck. I just googled "Fibular Hemimelia blogspot and I'm the 7th link. Seventh. This opens a new can of worms.
  • Should I stay public?
  • Do I want people to find me?
  • Am I exploiting my kids?
  • Am I too open? To personal?
  • Is it beneficial to the whole of society?

I'm not making sense. I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'll be back later....


Sarah said...

Niki - this looks like a spam link - it happens with one of my other blogs a lot - I get lots of spam comments and random spammy links where people take my post verbatim and say, "So-and-so wrote something interesting: and quotes my blog word-for-word."

I see the benefit of public and private. The Mom Chronicles is public, but I don't all out name my kids or location. My second blog is public, but the link is not given to ANYONE who knows me, so... it's public but private, kwim?

There are definite advantages to being private - especially when it comes to our kiddos...

el jefe said...

Hi Niki,
It's called a "scraper" site that takes content from public blogs and tries to use it to sell ad content.
more info here:

Dirty buggers! Don't sweat it, it shouldn't affect your site long term. For the pics, if they are links within your blogger account, change the name of the link or the photo and so their link to the old one will be broken.
Their "site" is currently down, now, BTW.

el jefe

Niki said...

Sarah, I'm stuck on the public vs. private right now because on one hand I want people (esp. those parent who have children with 'problems') to be able to find me and maybe received some sort of education and see the amazement in my beautiful girl. I want to take away prejudism and help others to process differences. On the other hand, well, these are my babies. Know what I mean.

Dude. You are so smart! thank you thank you thank you. I feel tons and tons better.