Sunday, April 27, 2008

Questions for Greg

The past few days have been a bit of a challenge in the Meyers' household. First Max came down with a fever and then and then we noticed a bit of a cough. Not any cough but a barky and deep cough. The cough was sporadic, as was the fever, at first. On Saturday I took Max took the after hours clinic at Childrens. He has a respiratory viral infections. He may have a fever a few more days (but today it is better) and soon the cough will continue and the nose will start running. The worst part.... waiting for Madeleine to get it. We didn't have to wait long. Last night Madeleine woke up with a fever. It will be a few days until she feels better.

Why am I talking about this?

Because we have an appointment with Greg on Monday morning. Greg is Madeleine prosthetist. I've been noticing her walking with a bit of a hobble, as if one heel was slightly shorter than the other. This means she has grown a bit taller and therefore needs her leggie adjusted. I have also noticed that she has been falling. Five times in one morning on the way to school. All of these little indication mean another appointment at Childrens.

Today I have decided to write some questions for Greg in order to get more organized.

1. Is Madeleine a candidate for a Gel Liner leg? Why or why not, are there benefits to that design?

2. When does Greg foresee Madeleine getting a new leg? How can we prepare for that? Fabric covering?

3. Summer. Sand. Swimming. Liners and covers?

4. Discussions around leggie being 'broken' ? Experiences with other children?


Jenna said...

Very great questions Niki! I will be excited to hear the answers. I hope evryone is feeling ok.

Misti said...

all questions I would be interested in hearing the answer too...... Taylor had a falling issue and I took her in as well, she had to have a slight adjustment, and attributed it to the fact that she is almost two and wants to run and do everything her 4 year old sister does. I have noticed she wants to run, and then she falls. Let me know what he says!