Friday, April 4, 2008

Can you jump?

This video was taken when we were visiting the trees at the UW. It is in front of Miller Hall which is where all my graduate classes were and the education department is.

What is it about kids and jumping? They can't actually get off the ground in the beginning, although they think they can. I had never seen a child with an artificial leg jump. Okay, let's be clearer... I had never seen anyone with an artificial leg jump. Besides, I had never even seen a child with an artificial leg until Madeleine was 5 months or so.

So, I asked Greg (Madeleine's prosthetist) if jumping was something that Madeleine should work on during OT time at school or if that was something that people with prosthesis are not able to do. This is his response...

Jumping is fine for Madeleine and most kids start jumping when they are ready. I see no limitations for Madeleine.

Bless you, Greg, for your care of our daughter and your positivity.

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christie said...

that was so cute!!! I was snorting that is how hard I was laughing. They are both so yummy. I loved the jumping and trying to head into the building.