Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out to Dinner

Recently I was asked what is one of the things that I consider the most fun. My answer? Going out to dinner with my family.

Before Michael and I had children we seemed to go out to dinner constantly. It was so easy. We could go anywhere. For this reason I don't think we truly appreciated the luxury.

Now that we are a family of four it is way more complicated. Michael and I make every effort to eat together as a family at home. And we enjoy it. We feel it is important to eat together as a family and all that.

With that being said, we still try to do a nice family dinner out at least one to three times per month. We don't go out much but when we do we have so much fun! What is it about going out to eat that makes it so much better than eating at home. Um, not cleaning up!

A few weeks ago I captured a few pictures at our favorite pizza restaurant, Tutta Bella.

Madeleine getting ready to take her pizza down!
Yep, when we go out Mommy and Daddy let us have Root Beer!

Mouthful of Pizza.
Mmmmm, root beer.
Can I have some more please?
I love Pizza!!!!

Strawberry gelato for desert.

Daddy makes the same face! Until he got the bill....


Jenna said...

You are a very brave soul! We have only done the speghetti factory, chevy's, and of coarse,Red Robin, our 3 outings in 2 years!!!!!!!!I should get some tips from you!:)

Katie said...

Your kids are seriously out of control cute. WHat is it about going to dinner? Even with three kids (and my oldest is 3) I still think it's fun...crazy...but fun.

Just a thought on your public vs private blog post...

The pictures on another site would definitely freak me out.

You can also choose the option to not let search engines find your blog without going private. You may already know this, but go to costumize, click the settings tab, then the basic tab. There's a question about search engines. Set it to no.

You blog about fibular hemimelia very regularly. Which I love, but because that phrase comes up so often in your blog, you're near the top of the list when that term is searched. You could think about abbreviating it...refer to it as FH more often or something.

I'm sure you know this, too, but never refer to the city you live in or your last name. My last name is Smith so I feel pretty safe about that, but I refer to my location as "D-town", Texas. Rather than give the actual city.

You can also go to www.statcounter.com and set up a free account. It keeps a record of who is visiting your blog.

And as if that wasn't enough info, I have a friend who wrote a blog post about this subject. You can read it here if you're interested:

The first comment on it gave a ton of info on keeping your blog safe.

But for now...I'm glad I got to sneak a peek into your life and your thoughts on raising a kid with a prosthetic leg. I'm sorry to have intruded.

Lizzie said...

Hi Niki

John and I sure can relate to taking our girls out, we love it and they think it is pretty neat too! Our only problem is we don't seem to do it enough! Our favourite place to go to is G.P.K (Gourmet Pizza Kitchen) in a place called Ponsonby in Auckland, they do excellent pizza. If you ever come to NZ we will take you guys there!
We sit down every night as a family and have our dinner, talk about the day etc, I have great memories as a kid doing it with my family and I think it is very important. Also the children seem to eat a much better dinner without the TV to distract them.
The only problem for me eating with the girls is that by 9pm I am starving as we eat at 5 and I want something else to eat, not good for the waist line!

Niki said...

Katie, thanks for the thoughts on public vs private, and the links. I'm a bit torn still. On one hand I want people to find me and on the other I feel violated sometimes. I'm glad you found us. I did change my settings so that search engines cannot find us. Maybe I will change them back later. I don't know.