Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The kids are feeling better. Maxy now has a shallow and wet cough and a clear runny nose. Yuck. Hopefully this is the last one of the season. No fever!

Madeleine has avoided the cough and runny nose but it may be heading our way soon.

As for the questions for Greg:

1. Is Madeleine a candidate for a Gel Liner leg? Why or why not, are there benefits to that design? She is potentially a candidate but that is no reason we should consider it for the next leg. The benefit of having a pelite liner is that it is more adjustable for growing kids, it is also more expensive in that it costs a lot for the prosthetist to make (in time). Adults like this leg because it is easy. Madeleine could be a good candidate as she grows as her limb is very uniform in shape.

2. When does Greg foresee Madeleine getting a new leg? How can we prepare for that? Fabric covering? Madeleine will most likely need a new leg after 12 months of use for the first one. That is we can expect a new on in September or sometime this fall. We can go to the fabric store and pick out a few fabrics we like and discuss them with Greg. If we want to go that route.

3. Summer. Sand. Swimming. Liners and covers? One thing that makes Greg (and Dr. Mosca) great is they believe in letting kids be kids. Greg's response to summer with a prosthesis is: Go For It! She has to be a kid, don't worry about it. If it gets wet, let it dry. If there is a problem give him a call.

4. Discussions around leggie being 'broken' ? Experiences with other children?
He said that he hasn't had to address this with other kids but he thinks she is becoming more aware of her body and that she is exploring differences.

He actually didn't need to adjust the length. Even though Madeleine appears taller we think she has grown in her femur so the prosthesis is still okay. He did adjust the liner to take some pressure off of the outside part of her knee. Because her knee is 'valgus' (turns out or knock kneed) as she grows it will put more pressure there. The new leg will accommodate this and in a few years she will have a brief surgery to correct the valgusness again.

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