Friday, April 11, 2008

my climber

Had to share with you all about my little climber. Madeleine climbs like she was born doing it. She climbs up anything. The sofa, the stairs, her crib, whatever. The OT at school says that Madeleine is more adept in climbing and balance then others in her age group. Well, hello! My girl wears an artificial leg! I swear she has an amazing sense of balance because she is so use to putting weight on one leg and has adapted to casts and new prosthetics. Michael says it is from him (hmmm), he says that sense he has an amazing sense of balance she gets it from him. Ask him to do Yoga- I dare ya!

Here is a picture from my friend's blog. I think it is super cute and shows you how monkey my kids are- they did this themselves!

For more pictures and to see the twins' best friend, Tegan, go to Brooke's blog at

The new thing is that Madeleine tells me she wants to dance Ballet. She sees the girls in the Sound of Music doing a bit of ballet and she tries to copy. So cute!


Sarah said...

They're so cute!! Love the climbing... and I bet you're right, I think Madeleine's balance is a product of her experience of having to balance... I'm not entirely sure grace and balance (or lack of it) is hereditary ;)

That said, got your comment on my blog - would love it if you made it to this neck of the woods! We'd love to be part of your agenda. :) Happy Saturday!

Misti said...

I agree. Must be the leg thing. Taylor climbs on everything. Up on the kitchen counter in a matter of seconds, on top of her dresser.
Crazy but cool, and also has created quite a few of gray hairs.
Pretty awesome!

Katie said...

I ran into your blog when searching the web for fibular hemimelia. My little boy turned two in January and had his amputation a little over a year ago. I have to say...he's never been as much of a climber as your darling little girl.

I have to say I skimmed through your blog. I've never known anyone else to go through this. It was very enjoyable for me to read someone else's thoughts on this.

Have you ever taken her through airport security? Talk about stares. We pulled my son's whole leg off.

I wrote a little of my experience on the one year anniversary of my son's amputation. See here:

I hope you don't think I'm a creep. I found your blog comforting.

Niki said...

Sarah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with hereditary but try telling that to my husband! LOL.

Misti, let me know how Taylor's appt goes. I heard you were seeing the fantastic Dr. M! Maybe we should coordinate appt. sometime. We are going back for clinic the beginning of May. We will see Dr. M and Greg again.

Katie, I don't think you are a creep. Although I'm surprised you found my blog on the web. You know, when I found out about Madeleine's leg I thought I was the only one who had a child with this 'rare' condition. Now, I'm sure it is an epidemic!

We have done the airport thing but they didn't ask me to take of M's leg. In fact they wouldn't let me. I found out later it is because of law suits around asking people to remove their prosthetic limbs and such. They just took us in the back room and bascially frisked us. whatever.

Nice to meet you.


BethGo said...

Of course she's a climber!
Yep. My Riley is a climber too. And his balance is also incredible. I think it's the fact the he's managing a prosthetic too.
Kids are amazing.

Oh and Katie, we had to take Riley's helper hand off at airport security too and they wiped it for chemicals and gunpowder to make sure we weren't hiding a bomb! I'm not joking! Can you believe it?! I just had to laugh about it. There was nothing else to do.