Friday, February 15, 2008

Three-Legged Dog

As my friends know I'm not a big fan of kids watching TV. As a teacher I have seen so many kids be absolutely addicted to television and it kind of makes me sick. I could go on and on about how I think it contributes to ADHD and such but that is another post.

With that said, I don't really promote TV in the house for the kids, but with the 'everything in moderation' thing we got going on it isn't banned either. My kids seem interested in a television show for about 2-5 minutes and then they are off and playing, which I am thankful for.

Okay, so yesterday one of the kids picked up the remote and pushed a few button.s We were watching the Today show (which we watch every morning) and the TV suddenly jumped to a cartoon. It was Clifford, you know, the big red dog. Madeleine got really excited to watch the doggies on TV so we left it there for a minute and to my fascination they had a three-legged dog on there. I mean, a cartoon of a dog missing a leg!?! Hmmm, not sure how to react to this kind of thing.

As a watched the cartoon I thought that perhaps they were portraying the dog as a guest and that all the other little dogs would learn to see past his differences but nope. We was just a character on the show. The actual episode had a Valentine Theme and the three-legged dog was helping the poodle find something to give to her owner-friend.

What do you think?


Jenna said...

KC!!!! They didnt introduce him because KC has been Cliffords friend for a long time. There is an episode where they all meet;epidoe108. it explains how the other dogs are worried about catching this, so they dont want to play and they think KC needs extra help. In the end, they learn KC is just this way and he doesnt need extra help but if he does, HE will ask for help.
Very cute!

Niki said...

Thanks Jenna for clearing that up for me! :) Now, I'm on a mission to find the episode. It sounds like they (The Clifford people) did a good job introducing KC.

Jenna said...

Get me a copy if you find it!:)
Ive looked everywhere, Maybe set your tevo to record every episode then maybe you will get it. My cousin did it this way, now if we could only figure out how to get it off her tevo and onto disk:)

BethGo said...

We thought it was odd as well at first. But there is a Clifford episode where they meet the dog for the first time and it is about the fact that even though he is different he can do anything. That's a good message for both of my boys.
Have you seen Maya and Miguel? It's on PBS too. It's kind of an annoying cartoon for older kids like my son who is almost seven. Anyway, they have a friend named Andy who is missing his hand in the same place as my Riley and he's an excellent athlete and a totally "normal" kid. It's nice to have some good examples out there.