Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shut Up

Max and Madeleine have moved up. They are no longer members of the 'Tweenie' class but are now toddlers. Egad, where has the time gone!? As of Tuesday they are going to school from 9 am - 10:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday. They are in a class of 18-36 month olds but my littles are by far the youngest there at 20 months. They other students look GIANT and have more words than I could possibly count. Instead of doing vague signs for all done they say, "I'm done playing with the glitter now". Holy. Toddler. Words. Batman.

Okay, so the teachers assure me that my babies are ready for this new class. Perhaps I'm not. sniff. I have noticed that they have been a bit clingy this week. No big surprise as they are in a new class (same teachers, same classroom, different classmates), I'm now tutoring every afternoon, and they are growing into independent toddlers. When they are in the class they seem to enjoy it. They do the typical exploring and chattering about what they are seeing, playing with, mouthing, etc. I have noticed, however, that Madeleine is taking a bit of time to warm up to new situations. She has become somewhat of a shy girl.

This morning I was chatting with one of the teachers and Madeleine was literally hiding in my leg. She has standing facing me (or my leg, that is) and her face was buried in my jean. The OT, that she knows well bent down to talk to her, presumably to make her more comfortable about coming into the new class and playing. I heard Madeleine utter something but I didn't catch the specifics. Christy stood up and said, "oh my, I'll give her some time to warm up." Then the OT and teacher told me that Madeleine had actually said, "shut up" to Christy. "Shut up", shut up. Um, I don't think so. Excuse me, but my child doesn't EVER hear those words! Nobody talks to her that way, Michael and I don't say that to each other. WTH?

It must have been a mistake, I apologized. I don't think the teachers believed me when I said that it was impossible for Madeleine to have said that. Oh my. I just got a glimpse of what is ahead. You think you can control your child's environment but really you only can to an extent.

For the record, she did NOT say 'shut up'.


Jenna said...

Oh give me a break! She doesn't say that!! Heres a funny one, Logan leaned over ot his friend the other day at a party and whispered something to her. I asked him what he said to her he said"HOT TAMALE" So funny, I neary wet myself. Dont let this shut up thing bug you!

el jefe said...

Wait till they start saying "sh*t!"

Martha said...

Does she even know what that means? No friggin way.