Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Everything in Moderation

Two posts in one day?!? While the kids sleep- ssshhhh....

Turns out that my kids have heard the rule "everything in moderation" except when it comes to something 'toddler-ish' like wanting everything your friend, Tegan has, or refusing to stop flinging applesauce or yogurt around with your spoon. But I digress...

It was a desperate Sunday when Michael and I learned that the kids (especially Max) enjoy mints. We were at Best Buy scouting out IPods (since mine is broken- grrr) versus the microsoft knock-off MP3 player when there was a comcast table set up with a bunch of swag (or is it shwag?) including squishy comcast turtles for when you are stressed and need to squeeze something and small water bottles. But clearly the most desired of product: a little box of mints that read 'comcast' on them. I picked one up thinking that the kids would like to shake them and hold them while we shopped. Oh no, they insisted for the box to be opened as if they knew they contained something like candy. I regretfully opened the package and doled out the mints. Much to my surprise they loved them and repeatedly did the more sign with their hands while murmuring "moh moh moh moh" at the same time. Now Michael and I actually buy mints for them for in the car when they will not bend to fit into their car seats and we have to do a little bribing, um, I mean positive reinforcing. Now we need to teach them that mints are like vitamins, you get only one at a time.

Diet Coke. My kids like Diet Coke and ask for it by name. blush. I was a different person before having the twins. I was the self-righteous woman who had ideas of how kids should sleep, eat, be potty trained, be educated and so on and so on. Now I do anything, almost, to minimize chaos. If that means giving my kids a sip of my diet coke so be it. I never ever (!) thought I'd give my children soda. I don't even really like it, I only have it once in a while. But geez, they enjoy it so much and they whine for it so much.

Everything in moderation, right?

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Jenna said...

Logan Loves diet coke, and altoids, the kid eats them until he gags then asks for water:)