Monday, October 1, 2007


Michael had a dream recently. A dream that was so profound that he was compelled to tell me every detail when we woke up. I'd like to relay it to you.

Michael's Dream:

It was winter. Seattle had an unusual snow storm that left the roads difficult to pass as they were very snowy and icy. Michael woke up to the snow and knew in his heart that no matter what he had to get to work. Come hell or high water, the firm needed him.

He journeyed the arduous six miles to downtown Seattle. He recalled that many of the employees had taken the day off as the roads were impassible or just dangerous. Michael, however, and several of his colleagues were there and working as if the day was like none other.

One thing was different though. Michael noticed that his colleagues had begun to call him by a new nickname. Everytime someone passed him they said, "Hey Zoom" or "Yo, Zoom, what's up?" with a knowing nod. Michael was confused. "While are they calling my Zoom? " he wondered. He brushed this thought off by convincing himself that it was because he was able to get to work in a timely manner, despite the snow.

Around lunch time Michael realized that he was dressed a bit awkward for work! To his amazement and chagrin he was wearing one of Max's onsies! It was the snap in the crotch kind but unfortuantely being the size that he was Michael was unable to snap the crotch up and left it to hang outside of his dress pants!

Although he knew he was wearing very unprofessional attire he tried to pull it off by tucking in the onsies' snap tails. "This is doable" he convinced himself. In that it would have been too difficult to go home to change he pulled it out as fashion.

No one seemed to notice the mistake!

See Max's Zoom onsie below:


Winbrooke said...

OMG, that had me laughing so hard. Michael should write books or something. he's hilarious.

Jef said...
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Jef said...

I have that SAME onesie!

hi guys big kisses from uncle jef!