Friday, October 26, 2007

For My Husband

How could I designate one (or many!) post to my kids and not one to my husband?

Michael, this is for you.

Michael has always made me smile. He never ceases to make me laugh. When I make him laugh I feel proud as hell. You see, my husband is a born comic genius. He has missed his calling, many times over. He has wasted talent in working with computers because, in reality, there is no one funnier than Michael. Sometimes he makes up entire dialogues between people aloud. Example to follow.

He also makes faces and voices. He is what Dr. John Gottman would call a "facial gymnast". By the way, Max has inherited this from his daddy.

Although most people would associate Michael with comedy there is much more in that 6 foot 4 frame. He is very smart. He has a memory like a proverbial steel trap, which isn't always a great thing as he remembers my boyfriends before we started dating (*blush*). He cares. Even though emotions make him a bit nervous sometimes, especially sadness, he can feel things very deeply. Something I admire in people.

He is a fantabulous father. It is noteworthy to mention that when your children are born it may be one of the things that you and your spouse love equally. The kids adore him and can say "Daddy" much better than "Mommy".

He loves me. This I know is true.


Jef said...

One post will never be enough to describe Mikey!!

Anonymous said...

aww!! So sweet!! What a wonderful man you got there!!! hehe!