Monday, October 8, 2007

Physical Therapy- Part II: Graduation

Madeleine went to physical therapy again today. It is nice to report that it went much much better. She was happy the entire time and Cathy (the PT) commented on how much Madeleine has changed in terms of mood. Yes, I told her, we are slowly getting our pleasant baby back. I have tried to tell the professionals at Children's that after the surgery Madeleine changed remarkably. The spica cast gave her a bit of depression, I believe, and we all experienced her moodiness in her appointments.

Madeleine seemed to enjoy the work today. She loves playing with balls and Cathy had a fresh supply of them in different sizes and colors. She impressed us with her mobility in that she took four whole steps today! She took two steps for me this morning so she doubled in her accomplishment! Cathy was happy with her progress and graduated her out of PT. We will go back and see Greg in about two weeks as he believes that Madeleine will be walking on her own by then and we may need to readjust her prosthesis.

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Winbrooke said...

yay madeleine!! 4 steps! you are on your way! what an amazing girl you are!