Monday, October 15, 2007

Update on sleep...

Maybe all I have to do is write about something and complain and then it changes.

First, I want to thank my visitors for their advice and support. I was overwhelmed (and warmed) by your caring words and gumption to post in my blog. It is nice to know that so many of us 'new' moms aren't sleeping. Maybe we should start sharing make-up tips for "opening up the eyes" and "covering dark circles"!

Here is our update....

Saturday night going into Sunday:
7:00} Bedtime
9:40} Madeleine up to nurse
4:30}Maxy up. Brought into bed with us, nurses, falls back asleep
7:00} Max up
7:30}Madeleine up

Yes, you read that correctly, Madeleine slept all night! All night! This is a first!

Sunday night going into Monday:
7:30} Bedtime
11:41} One baby up to nurse (I cannot remember which one)
2:05} Both babies up, nurse and go back to bed
7:00} Babies up!!!

Yeppers, almost 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I feel like a new woman!

Now, I'm not saying that I'm going to expect this from now on but I am saying that we are getting closer. More than that, it proves to me that I am not doing something 'wrong'. I am not damning myself, Michael or my kids by bringing them to bed with us. I am not habitualizing getting up by nursing them in the middle of the night. My belief is that children go through many different stages of growth and development. These stages happen often since there is so much growing and changing in their bodies, minds and lives. We, as parents, can attempt to make things predictable for them. We can impose schedules and routines but really it is the child that will dictate what they need.

Perhaps our week of awakenings were because of a slight virus that had been undetected. Perhaps Maxy wanted to nurse so much because he was thirsty or his throat hurt. Maybe Madeleine had nightmares. I will never know the answer but I do know that it won't be like this forever. I like what Melissa said, when they are teenagers they will sleep all day! And I can get as much exercise as I want then.

I will choose to parent through this.


jennbecc said...

Regarding: "11:41} One baby up to nurse (I cannot remember which one)"
.....HILARIOUS!!! I can totally relate. I do this all the time too!! I thought I was the only confused twin mom out there! Phew! I'm not alone! :)

Winbrooke said...

I love "I will choose to parent through this". That is a great quote and why you need to write more!

Anonymous said...

haha! You are so funny! :) I'm glad things are getting alittle better! I need to hire you to come teach me your new knowledge haha! Keep up the great work and I hope sleep comes to you for hours at a timed!! :)