Wednesday, October 10, 2007

halloween prewiew

Thought I'd give you a preview of Halloween. Max will be a chicken and Madeleine an owl. It is sort of a Fowl Holiday. :)

Madeleine, the owl, doing her favorite thing: Pointing.
Such a cute Owl Face!
Maxy as the Chicken!
Mommy and Maxy!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh!! My heart just melted!!!! So adorable!!!!! I love the Fouls!!! haha!!! I am jelouse they like to keep the heads on!!! The boys scream when I try to put the heads on them for their costumes! argh!! :)

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


jennbecc said...

I found your blog through seems that you are somehow linked to a video of my twins laughing. ( I clicked on your blog and started to read.....and read....and read....and then I cried and cried. Your blog completely moved me. I too had problems with a bi-cornate uterus and had surgery in order to get pregnant. The fear of miscarriage was constantly in my heart. I carried my (almost 9 month now) boy twins to 37 weeks and delivered them via c-section since they were both breech. I'm so lucky to report that they were 7lbs each! Your boy/girl twins are gorgeous! I can't wait to have a moment to read your entire seems like we have a lot in common. What a beautiful family and what an inspirational story of strength through diversity. Please feel free to email me if you ever want to share stories!!

Warm Wishes,