Friday, January 25, 2008

Toe Shmoe

Almost two weeks ago exactly I had a slight toe incident in the middle of the night. Here's the run down:
*sometime in the middle of the night Max wakes up coughing
*Niki runs to Max's crib to calm him before he throws up (long story)
*a quilt from our bed falls to the floor
*Niki's right big toe gets caught on the quilt and bends forward
*popping noises can be heard
*Niki limps to Max's bedside and soothes him back to sleep
*Niki goes back to bed with searing pain
*Niki wakes up to dried blood on her big toe that appears to have come from beneath the nail bed

Although the nail in question hurt I have mostly continued my normal activities, including running up to 5 miles at the gym.

Finally, last night, almost two weeks from the incident, I told Michael that my toes was killing me and that I should see a doctor.
I got an 11:00 am doctor's appointment at the podiatrists office. I bring two tired twin babies and my limp toe to see Dr. Lilja. After x-rays and a quick visit the doctor has reported that I have broken my big toe. broken. Okay, cracked, really. They tell me to take Ibuprofen and wear this big boot to keep the toe stable. No running for four weeks (there goes my endurance!) and watch the swelling.



Jenna said...

Point made, super mom doesn't slow down for anyhting ever! Not even a broken toe!:)

Martha said...

you're so "lame"!!!! literally!!!!!!! sorry.... couldn't resist. hope your toe is betta soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeeowtch! Man! Toe pain hurts worse than anything! I broke mine as a 21 year old playing drunk volleyball but I still remember the pain! :P

I hope you feel fast! I feel so bad for you! :)